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Company Introduction and management philosophy

Taiwan Maingo  Co., Ltd. was established in 1992, starting from selling and leasing the professional sound equipments. Because of the market demands, the management team constantly strives to investe large amount of capitals and get the related technologies from domestic and foreign manufacturers, specializing in the integrating of fine sound system. Now it becomes the industry's leader of the production and sale of professional Karaoke audio equipments, also receives good credit and reputation among the industries.


Our company has been already established for nearly 20 years. Besides the strong management team, the business grows stably under the leadership of General Manager Mr Lin. The R&D department brings together the technology of China Mainland, Taiwan and Japan, cooperating and innovating to produce and invest in higher level of professional audio equipments including the Karaoke amplifier and sound of professional grades. We are active in wiring, setting point, and opening up new pathways to expand our global business market. It is worth mentioning that the company's professional audio equipment brand" MAINGO" has been well-known successfully in Taiwan, Mainland China and Southest Asia, and experienced a rigorous test in a burst of applause.


The company's overall business and services are located in the "professional audio and video entertainment equipment supplier". According to the existing business locations of the distribution, the operational headquarters are set up in Taipei of Taiwan and for the mainland China, we have a professional audio and video equipment manufacturing plant in Dongguan. This plant produces various types of professional and refined Karaoke amplifiers and speakers, ect throughout the continent. They actively seek partners to expand the business. In addition to the dozens of distributors who has completed the agent layout, the plant has joined the relevant important Audio Fairs in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, and constantly absorbs new knowledge. Currently, there are still many areas of the distributor networks to seek for joining them overwhelmingly.


International market is also our current focus for expanding business. And in Southeast Asia, Singapore and Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, the services through distribution channel layout has also been launched. In recent years, our company's products has got the positive comments of the "mainstream" in International Exhibition and other relevant Sound Exhibition. Creating the high-quality products with plain price is the competitive weapon of "Taiwan MANGO" in the market, while constantly introducing new products, serving people and building value is the company's foothold road.